Watchbank Stud started in 1989 when we bred our first part bred welsh ‘Watchbank Peter Pan’  [sire: Gaulden Gamecock dam: Thornton Charm] we then went onto the breed our first pure bred Section B ‘Watchbank Major Tom[sire: Carolinas Mocassin [dam: Thornton Charm].  Since then we have acquired several other mares in the quest to breed old fashioned Section B’s aiming for Quality, Temperament, Bone, Substance and Movement. We then went on to win numerous shows gaining championships and medals including 2 silver medals.

We also acquired 2 quality riding pony mares Ainsty Singing Susie and also Cnapaton Rosy Posy. We breed ponies with the temperament, conformation and ability to succeed and excel in all spheres of showing and disciplines and we have gone on to produce some fantastic foals.

Watchbank ponies have gone on to succeed in the showring and elsewhere.

Lismar Maddison Square Gardens with Watchbank Captain Cook as a foal
Winning WPCS Silver Medal 2003

Watchbank Sir Henrick
Riding Pony Gelding out of Cnapaton Rosy Posy and by Llnarth Cat-nap


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